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Most so-called serious researchers would like to sweep the theory under the run. The truth is as an alternative book publisher I have discovered that there are more people prone to accept that UFOs originate from inside our own planet than from some far off world in space This book makes thrilling reading.

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As one learns from reading Tim R. Swartz s excellent new offering from Global Communications, Admiral Byrd s Secret Journey Beyond The Poles, the mythology concerning a world inside our own dates back to pre-Biblical times. So is the Earth hollow, as some seem to believe? Calling on expert testimony from scientists such as physicist Dr. Brooks A. Agnew, Swartz skillfully makes the case that it is more than scientifically possible for our planet to be hollow it is in fact probable that we share our world with a hidden race who lives beneath our feet and occasionally interacts with us mere surface dwellers for good or evil.

Admiral Richard E. Byrd s trips to both the North and South Poles in the early part of the 20th century are covered in great detail by Swartz. Byrd claimed to have located large openings at the poles that might serve as doorways into the interior of the planet as well as strange landscapes of lushly green vegetation and animals roaming freely on the surface where we have long been told there is only ice and snow.

It is said that a media cover-up was quickly put into place and Byrd ceased to talk about his discoveries publicly. Swartz provides further clues about the government s knowledge of the Inner Earth, along with some fascinating speculation about why such tight secrecy is maintained. Is the shadow government of the New World Order already in contact with the beings down below? The Nazis, according to Swartz, made an expedition to Antarctica before the outbreak of World War II for just such a purpose, hoping to establish relations with the Aryan supermen said to dwell under the surface there.

There have also been reports of flying saucer-type craft being seen in the vicinity displaying a swastika on their outer skin. Swartz contrasts that dark tale with a sunnier interpretation of the Hollow Earth theory, namely the existence of a hidden paradise in the Hollow Earth called Agharta or Shamballah.

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It is said this mythical wonderland is lighted by a small internal sun, and that wondrous vegetation and animal life abound there, as well as a race of gentle, technologically advanced people who are very concerned about our possible self-destruction through misuse of nuclear weapons. Admiral Byrd s Secret Journey Beyond the Poles strikes just the right balance between pragmatic scientific inquiry into the tantalizing notion that the Earth is hollow and stories of the fascinating assortment of creatures that are said to reside there.

In one chapter, Swartz presents a list of verses from the Bible that seem to speak of the Hollow Earth as the familiarly depicted subsurface hell, which Christ entered in the time between his crucifixion and resurrection to rescue worthy souls unjustly trapped in that subterranean Hades. Historically, this has been called the Harrowing of Hell, but one marvels at the idea that such a place might physically exist.

Unraveling the Secrets

The book also features a chapter written by Dr. The letter from Giannini to Ogden was published in the February issue of Flying Saucer magazine. His family owned the Bank of Italy and the Bank of America! Thanks to Hollow earth artist, writer and researcher Max Fyfield , who sent me his original copy of this purported diary I was able to see the original evidence. Having read almost everything that was ever published by The Admiral I knew as soon as I started the first page that this was not the writing of Admiral Byrd.

Admiral Byrd , an educated man, wrote very eloquently. The cover of this diary, presented in mimeograph booklet form, contains the crest adopted by the German secret Thule Society — a swastika and a sword surrounded by oak leaves. He looks down and sees vegetation instead of ice: There should be no green valley below!

Us Antarctic Expedition (1947)

We should be over ice and snow! How fortunate for Giannini , this substantiates his claim. Of course, this was the dead of winter. How was the crew able to see snow below? Or green fields for that matter. Other passages should be noted. There are those who would argue that he was seeing by the light of the inner Sun, yet…. How could he have seen the sun anyway? February is a period of total darkness! I propose that the only reason that this diary was produced was to back up the claim of Giannini that such a flight happened.

And we know the source of the diary! As Walter Kafton-Minkel explains:. William Bernard. In that article I accused Mr. Susch of being an opportunist out to make money and challenged him to prove me wrong. Although I had no proof, I felt strongly about it at that time. Those of us who are serious about these studies do not need false information seeded around.

I feel even stronger about it now. And I believe that I now have the proof that this piece of trash is a phony. On page Byrd reveals the following information:. When I took the wheel again I kept my eyes glued on the oil leak and the oil pressure indicator. Obviously, they are the same forces that suppressed news release of information, except for a brief press notice, after Byrd made his great discovery and before Giannini published the first public statement about it in many years, in , twelve years after the discovery was made.

Palmer's announcement of Byrd's discoveries in the Arctic and Antarctic was the first large scale publicity since the time they were made and briefly announced, and so much more significant than Giannini's quotations and statements in his book that was not properly advertised and enjoyed a limited sale. For this reason, soon after the December, issue of "Flying Saucers" was ready to mail to subscribers and placed on newsstands, it was mysteriously removed from circulation - evidently by the same secret forces that suppressed the public release of this information since When the truck arrived to deliver the magazines from the printer to the publisher, no magazines were found in the truck!

A phone call by the publisher Mr. Palmer to the printer resulted in his not finding any shipping receipt proving shipment to have been made. The magazines having been paid for, the publisher asked that the printer return the plates to the press and run off the copies due. But, strangely, the plates were not available, and were so badly damaged that no re-printing could be made. But where were the thousands of magazines that had been printed and mysteriously disappeared? Why was there no shipping receipt?

Secret Diary of Admiral Byrd?

If it was lost and the magazines were sent to the wrong address, they would turn up somewhere. But they did not. As a result, subscribers did not get the magazine. One distributor who received copies to sell on his newsstand was reported missing, and magazines disappeared with him.

These magazines were sent to him with the request that they be returned if not delivered.

They did not come back. Since the magazine disappeared completely, several months later it was republished and sent to subscribers.

The Missing Secret Diary of Admiral Byrd - Fact or Fiction?

What did this magazine contain that caused it to be suppressed in this manner - by invisible nd secret forces? It contained a report of Admiral Byrd's flight beyond the North Pole in , knowledge concerning which was previously suppressed except for mention of it in Giannini's book, "Worlds Beyond the Poles. In this issue of "Flying Saucers," the following statements were quoted from Giannini's book:. Navy polar expeditions have determined the existence of indeterminable land extent beyond the Pole points. That flight was always over land and water and ice.

For very substantial reasons, the memorable flight received negligible press notice. That area beyond the Pole is the center of the great unknown. No attention was given by the scientific world to Giannini's book. The strange and revolutionary geographical theory it presented was ignored as eccentric rather than scientific.

Yet Admiral Byrd's statements only make sense if some such conception of the existence of "land beyond the Poles," as Giannini claimed to exist, is accepted. Giannini writes:. The same conditions hold true for the South Pole. The confirmation is substantial. The world's eldest explorer, Rear Admiral Richard Evelyn Byrd commanded the government's memorable expedition into that endless land beyond the South Pole. Commenting on Giannini's statements about the impossibility of going straight north, over the North Pole and reaching the other side of the world, which would be the case if the Earth was convex, rather than concave, at the Pole, Palmer writes in his magazine, "Flying Saucers:".

This is not true, and though the Airline officials themselves, when asked, might say that they do, it is not literally true. They do make navigational maneuvers which automatically eliminate a flight beyond the Pole in a straight line, in every sense. Ask the pilots of these polar flights. And when they come to the exact point, name one trans-polar flight on which you can buy a ticket which actually crosses the North Pole. This is strange.

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Surely a flight advertised as passing directly over the North Pole would attract many passengers who would like to have that experience. Yet, strangely, no airline offers such a flight. Their air routes always pass on one side of the Pole. Palmer suggests that such an expedition that travels directly north and continues north after reaching the North Pole point which he believes is in the center of the polar concavity and not on solid land at all should be organized, retracing Admiral Byrd's route and continuing onward in the same direction, until the hollow interior of the earth is reached.

This, apparently, was never done, in spite of the fact that the United States Navy, in its archives, has a record of Admiral Byrd's flights and discoveries. Perhaps the reason for this is that the new geographical conception of the Earth's formation in the polar regions, which is necessary to accept before the true significance of Admiral Byrd's findings can be appreciated, was not held by Navy chiefs, who, as a result, put the matter aside and forgot about it.

The above statement by Palmer that commercial airlines do not pass over the North Pole seems reasonable in the light of new Soviet discoveries in relation to the North Magnetic Pole, which was found not to be a point but a long line, which we believe is a circular line, constituting the rim of the polar concavity, so that any point on this circle could be called the North Magnetic Pole, because here the needle of the compass dips directly downward. If this is the case, then it would be impossible for airplanes to cross the North Pole, which is in the center of the polar depression and not on the Earth's surface, as according to the theory of a solid Earth and convex formation on the Pole.

When airplanes believe they reached the North Pole, according to compass readings, they really reach the rim of the polar concavity, where is the true North Magnetic Pole. Your editor thinks it should be done and done immediately.