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They are demanding commitment from the new government that will be at the helm of Australia after the May elections. The final report found that full implementation of the SDGs, both as part of national and international policy, would provide benefit to Australia. But the lack of awareness and visibility of the goals among government communications and policy is creating barriers in achieving this potential.

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This is caused by the lack of a national implementation plan. The creation and publication of a national SDG implementation plan was a key recommendation of the report to provide detail on national priorities with regular reports outlining Australia's performance against the goals. But to improve visibility widely, the report found that the federal government needs to show greater leadership, embedding the goals into websites, strategies, and policies and budget reporting. It must also better utilize cross-jurisdictional government committees to discuss, support and deliver the goals.

Stronger cross-sector engagement and targeted communication for specific stakeholder groups were also among the recommendations.

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The final report found opportunities to improve services and equality in Australian society and among neighboring regions through the SDGs, as well as enhanced economic benefit from businesses implementing socially conscious and sustainable business strategies. But not all agreed that embedding the goals throughout government practices would achieve better outcomes.

Two of the four coalition senators overseeing the inquiry, from the sitting government, released their dissenting report. While McGrath and Abetz saw value in the SDGs within the delivery of the Australian aid program, they saw little value in changing domestic strategies to align with the goals and criticized the United Nations for focusing on the SDGs and their implementation in Australia over other global human rights issues.

GCNA represents banks, extractive industries, telecommunications companies, the retail sector and more — businesses that are aligned through their goal to deliver sustainable and responsible business practices. But what is lacking is information around how and what government responsibility is in implementing the SDGs.

Three grounds of appeal

The recommendations from the report, Porter said, provided an important start to building this clarity and framework for national implementation. But the dissenting report created concern that there was no political will to implement the recommendations of the report, which could fall into the vacuum created with all sides of government focusing on the federal elections. They also called for Incentives to support the private sector more broadly to work towards the goals, including those Australia is failing on.

Long-term policy stepping is critical for encouraging private sector investment in solutions that assist in achieving the SDGs. The Australian government has three months to respond to the report and its recommendations, with the mid-May deadline for the response expected to be during the election campaign. For key stakeholders including GCNA, there is a sense that the delivery of recommendations is are unlikely to occur before a new government is in place.

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    If a longer discussion is necessary, they might ratchet up the drama by leaving the bench. The lawyers who cram the public gallery on special leave days like to speculate on the outcome. As befits this legal coliseum, they will turn a thumb either up or down — and then wait on the decision. Pell will be hoping the emperors of Australia's legal system give him the chance to fight another day.

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