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Click on second column text link to order:. Click on Invitaciones. Destinos Drama Series. It was put together by a professor at the University of Illinois and incorporates the best actors and writers of Mexico. The first photo is a link to a web site where you can view the epiodes free online. Click on the picture to link to the website learner.


The next two photos link you to the two excellent workbook-texts that go with the episodes. The first workbook pink covers episodes The second blue covers episodes Learn to Speak Spanish Deluxe. Great way to introduce yourself to the differences of Spanish from English. Jan 21, Peggy rated it liked it Shelves: non-fiction , spanish. I'm learning Spanish using the Mango program available from my local public library thank you, Manitowoc Public! Mango relies on natural language-learning techniques in which words and phrases are introduced, repeated, then become sentences.

It's like learning your first language as a child--you hear people talk and pick it up gradually, first in words, then in phrases, then in sentences. But I needed to know more. Like why did I use esa instead of esta --what's the difference? When do I use d I'm learning Spanish using the Mango program available from my local public library thank you, Manitowoc Public! When do I use de and when en? So I pulled English Grammar for Students of Spanish off the shelf in the hope of accelerating my understanding of the language.

I appreciated the explanations, especially the way each chapter explained the English version of a grammatical concept, then described how Spanish treats it. So there is not really an equivalent for "does" in Spanish? I guess I don't have to search my brain for one anymore. Though helpful, the book just didn't give me enough.

The format seemed crowded and 20th century in design though since the book is from the 20th century, this is no surprise, but my eyes demand more white space now, so this is a barrier. The explanations were compressed, maybe too short--enough to confuse me, in the case of indirect object pronouns. Yet I love the way the book is indexed.

Learn to Speak Spanish by The Learning Company (LikeNew) #16

It's very easy to find the concept I wanted to learn. And as a supplementary source, it's valuable. I'm grateful to English Grammar for the help it's given me and for the help it will provide in the future. It's good. This is a practical and concise tool to accompany any language course. I took one semester in Spanish and loved this book! Our curriculum was through the Rosetta Stone program which is also a great resource, but this small book was priceless to me and I don't think I would have aced the class without it. Jul 04, Sean McGowan rated it liked it Shelves: languages.

Short, good. Aug 20, Julie rated it it was amazing.

Invaluable to those learning Spanish, particularly if you haven't previously learners another language. Reminded me of all I may have known of grammar but forgot.

In doing so, the Spanish lessons are far more intuitive. I'll keep going with the series when I work on German. Jun 15, Aaron rated it really liked it. This is a really helpful reference.

Ca roule! Workbook 2

The English grammar portions feel a bit basic but the author is doing everything possible to make sure readers understand how Spanish grammar relates to what we already know or need help remembering in English. My only complaint is that there could be more examples in her to better illustrate the comparisons. This would also be useful for someone interested in translating at some point. Very informative. Very helpful for students of Spanish.

The cards are really straightforward to play with and have a pronunciation guide for each word , which is really handy!! The Kloo website has extra game ideas , and also the option of printing out new cards in different tenses. I would highly recommend the game!

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  • Learn to Speak Spanish by The Learning Company (LikeNew) #16.
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Currently unavailable. When I brought this AudioNovo Spanish for Beginners CD I wanted to buy the whole course in time, I only got the Spanish 1 to see if I could get on with it as I'm quite elderly to start learning and was delighted at the pace of the learning and I was over the moon when I read in the package that I could get the cost of the first CD off the cost of the second one, simply by going onto AudioNovo website so dedided that I would buy that to.

I tried to get on the site but was having problems so I phoned amazon and emailed AudioNovo. I was very suprised when the owner of the company phoned me and said he was going to send me the next cd's free of charge within the next 2 weeks as I had been having problems. I am really Fun Spanish: Language learning games for kids ages Is very good and is freee. Easy to follow guide an additive for learning.

Spanish Language Course Software CDs for sale | eBay

Excellent start to learning Spanish. Great for practising the basic and using as a quick look up on the grammar rules that you sometimes need to remind yourself on. There are little exercises through out the book and the information is well laid out and easy to digest. Learn in Your Car: Spanish Level 2.

This is the perfect aid for me, as I always listen to Spanish lessons on my mp3 player while I'm out walking the dog and I've been through countless downloads, CD's etc this way and learned a hell of a lot in the process. Unfortunately I have a hopeless memory and learning the verb conjugations and points of grammar are difficult for me. So this method of revision and repetition suits me well at the stage I'm at. There are also some things and some vocabulary of course that I have not come across so that is useful too.