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David Samuels goes to the Grammys. Frank Guan reviews Tao Lin. New fiction from Akhtiorskaya and Zink. Every cheap shot, each subtle disrespect, any advantage unfairly taken—these have to be balanced out.

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Caren winces. Putin vs. Ukraine, Microsoft vs.

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New fiction by Benjamin Kunkel and two scenes by Nell Zink. Broadband providers have an incentive to use their control of the network to disadvantage their competition. Hundreds of NSA staff left work one night as salaried employees and returned the next day as contractors. I even miss Scottish Pony, even though he was on a lot of psychotropic medications, had to shower four times a day to keep calm.

Against sociology, for cultural revolution! Indians: the next top model minority. Freudenberger reads Munro. Drumming with Colpitts, panda porn with Witt.

I had never had a coregasm and my sexual expectations conformed to widely held, government-sanctioned ideals. Magazines are dead, long live magazines! Kristin Dombek on sex, drugs, and Ryan Gosling. Feminists remember Shulamith Firestone. The internet, we mean women, never pays for its content—or for their drinks! Burn your degrees!

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Demand sex class action. Against big babies at home and imbeciles abroad. Yelena Akhtiorskaya panics in a suitcase. The Intellectual Situation is occupied. Are computers stupid? Christopher Glazek: Raze the prisons. Benjamin Kunkel: Buzz. Lvovsky is a good poet.

Duly initiated in sock videos, artists graduate to a handful of galleries, where their advanced degrees reassure collectors. Against intervention, home in Baltimore, obsessed with Gchat. We would chat while they thought we were working; they would grow old and die; we would inherit the earth and chat forever.

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A brother in Afghanistan, obscure poetry at Cambridge, crisis in the humanities. Are the Necronauts an avant-garde? The division between empiricists and fantasists is clearest in politics.

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MFA vs. NYC, the masses vs. Full Employment Now! Octomom, one year later. Internet as social movement, video games as art. Ads nowhere and everywhere. Drug wars in Mexico, parties in Miami, Batuman in Samarkand.

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Wilma hit Miami in the middle of the night, and by the time I woke the city was silent. A red and green Marxism as the way out of the crisis. The history of the New Left Review , adventures in online dating, the rise of the neuronovel, on repressive sentimentalism. Molly Young takes adderall, Mark Greif eats locally, A. Hamrah sees every Iraq war movie. Cho Seung-Hui. If Gawker Media, as Denton called his business, could no longer market itself as an upstart, then neither could its flagship site.

Technological excess, from email to porn to blogs. Basharat Peer sees torture in Kashmir, Eli S.

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Evans watches television in Los Angeles. A fable by Benjamin Kunkel, fiction about nuclear proliferation, a report on flying cars. I killed a near-son today. Naturally I did not tell my lover about it. There was a gap, but it was not technological. Chad Harbach on global warming. Phil Connors on life at the Wall Street Journal. With how many people did people used to sleep?

Theory after the fall.

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Literary readings: cancel them. Coetzee afraid of life? George Scialabba massacres Christopher Hitchens. In this gentle and permissive way we were enjoined to get high on pot and take up oral sex, but not do any favors for Philip Morris. Against Exercise. Fiction by Sam Lipsyte and Benjamin Kunkel. Keith Gessen on the education of Gary Baum. Issue 34 Head Case Spring Issue 33 Overtime Winter Issue 32 Bad Faith Fall Issue 31 Out There Spring Jessy Randall. A tiny zine, gift of the author, Joanna Ruocco and Brian Conn.

Literary fiction. Gift of the editors, XV No. Black Panther Party Huey P. Oakland, CA. Blank Tape Comics Presents: Rewind Bruce Otter. Round One. Katie D. Author is CC class of Blueberry Jam Bethany Tindell.

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Gift of Christine Flores, March Bony Landmarks. Book of Fright Vol. Nick Zimmer. Nia King.