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There is no question that John Roll McLean , owner of the sofas at the turn of the twentieth century, had means. The Ohio native made an immense fortune through investments in real estate, utility companies, and as owner of the Cincinnati Enquirer and the Washington Post. In he relocated permanently to Washington, D. After the I Street mansion was completed in , McLean hired Frances Benjamin Johnston to document the residence in a series of photographs, and her images provide the earliest surviving record of the VMFA sofas see Fig. Whether keepsakes from affluent parents or recent acquisitions to help fill the cavernous gallery, the sofas were already gilded when Johnston photographed them.

Harding and various diplomats who gathered for an international arms conference. In her memoirs, Evalyn recalled the evening as a triumph. Posing in regal splendor, she wears an ermine-trimmed gown, bejeweled tiara, and her signature Hope Diamond pendant Fig.

American Queen Anne Furniture with Stephen Fletcher - Skinner Auctions

Locked in a bitter and ultimately unresolved divorce dispute, she and Ned had vacated the I Street residence. There, the following year, the sofas were sold with thousands of her other possessions at a seven-day public auction. The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, months away from opening a new wing, was a willing recipient. In late October the museum celebrated its first expansion; as promised their donor, the restored sofas had taken their places in the nineteenth-century American section-not as decorative arts objects, however, but as gallery furniture Fig.

Coloring Their World: Americans and Decorative Color in the Nineteenth Century

For the next two decades, visitors blithely perched on the Belter sofas while viewing paintings on the walls. During the construction phase of the new James W. McGlothlin wing, the Belter sofa with the Arabasket motif was selected as a visual anchor in a small thematic exhibition titled Dazzle. In preparation, the conservation staff cleaned the piece, removed areas of acrylic and bronze paint, and in-painted and in-gilded where needed. At the opening of the McGlothlin wing five years later, the restored sofa went on display in the new American antebellum gallery.

Its mate-still undergoing extensive treatment-would take its place in a planned rotation. Returning the second Belter sofa to its mid-nineteenth-century appearance proved to be a complex, multiyear process. The museum commissioned specialist Jennifer A.

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English painter, illustrator, designer, writer and teacher. He showed artistic inclinations as a boy and was encouraged to draw by his father, the portrait painter and miniaturist Thomas Crane — From to Crane learnt a technique of exact and economical draughtsmanship on woodblocks. His early illustrative works included vignette wood-engravings for John R. Crane introduced new levels of artistic sophistication to the art of illustration: after English architect and designer.

He studied under the architect James Kellaway Colling c. Davis was a designer of architectural ornament, furniture, wallpaper, textiles, ironwork and ceramics, and in some of his designs were published in Building News. A selection of furniture designed by Davis and manufactured by Shoolbred was shown at the Centennial Exhibition in Philadelphia in In he published Art and Work , which contains 85 lithographic plates of ornament for marble, stone and terracotta and designs for furniture, ceramics, metalwork and textiles, accompanied by notes on the design sources; among the plates are several after drawings, previously unpublished, by the English designer and writer.

In late Day started his own business designing textiles, wallpapers, stained glass, embroidery, carpets, tiles, pottery, furniture, silver, jewellery and book covers. Scottish designer, Botanist and writer. His first three books were on botanical subjects, and in he was awarded a doctorate by the University of Jena for his research in this area. The son of the history painter Edouard Dubufe — and the sculptor Juliette Zimmermann, Guillame Dubufe was a successful portraitist and decorative painter, exploiting the lateth-century taste for rococo.

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He was taught by his father and by Alexis-Joseph Mazerolle — He also worked as an illustrator and wrote Draughtsman, architect, decorative artist, designer, illustrator, author. Furniture, jewellery, lamps, art objects. In Munich, August Endell studied philosophy, art history, aesthetics and psychology, notably a course run by Theodor Lipp on the psychological effect of the perception of lines and forms. There, in Painter gouache , engraver, draughtsman, illustrator, decorative artist, writer, watercolourist.

Giacomelli served his apprenticeship with a Parisian goldsmith before going on to work as an engraver of precious stones. English architect, designer and writer. From the age of 15 he began sketching buildings all over the West Country. In he contributed illustrations to The Antiquities of Bristol and Neighbourhood , by which time he was apprenticed to William Armstrong of Bristol.

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This brought Godwin early responsibility but little formal training, a lack that he felt dogged his professional life. In he established an independent practice, and in an attempt to further his career, in he joined his brother, an engineer, in Londonderry, Ireland. During his visit he studied castles and abbeys throughout Ireland. French publisher and furniture designer. He was an important disseminator of historical and contemporary designs in 19th-century France.

After he published a constant stream of lithograph designs for furniture, both his own designs and illustrations of the products of commercial firms, which provide an important source for the study of furniture of the period. His chief work was the journal Le Garde-meuble ancien et moderne , which he edited from to The plates also include general views of interiors and plans of furniture layouts, which give a comprehensive view of the development of styles.

Guilmard produced albums recording the furniture shown at the Expositions Universelles of , and in Paris and a long series of albums showing designs for particular types of furniture, woodwork fittings or upholstery. He was an important figure in the developing study of historical ornament and design: as early as Printed from Oxford Art Online. Under the terms of the licence agreement, an individual user may print out a single article for personal use for details see Privacy Policy and Legal Notice. Oxford Art Online. Advanced search. Africa Antarctic region. Asia Europe. The Americas Browse All.

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19th-Century America: Furniture and Other Decorative Arts

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