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The twister began to move. It skipped and bounced across the fields.

It grew bigger, faster and dirtier as it picked up mud from the ground. Waterspouts Twisters out at sea are called waterspouts. They whisk up water. The tallest one seen was 1. It picked up straw, trees — and even a farm truck. It spun them around in its funnel. Rob sighed with relief when the twister moved away. He thought he was safe. But then the twister changed direction — straight towards him! There was a noise like a rushing waterfall, then — BANG! The barn exploded as if a bomb had gone off inside it. His ears were hurting and he could hardly breathe.

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Two minutes later, all was silent. Rob came up from the cellar. Furniture lay smashed on the floor. Most of the doors and windows were gone. Rob felt lucky to be alive. The warm air is sucked up in a swirling column called a funnel cloud. It spins at great speed. Twisters contain the most deadly winds in the world. It can lift up a large truck and smash it to pieces, but leave small objects undamaged.

One twister picked up a baby and set him down safely 90 metres feet away. The baby did not even wake up! A twister in England caused a shower of frogs. One twister sucked up some roses and water from a vase. It dropped them in another room but it left the vase on the table. They can be thin, white and wispy. Or they can be big, thick and black.

They can even be red or green! If a twister travels across a muddy field, the mud turns it brown — and very smelly! Some look as if they have a loop or knot in the middle.

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Some are wider at the bottom than at the top. Some are shaped like a tube and others look like a slice of pie. But only a few have looked inside a twister and survived. A farmer named Will Keller once looked up into a twister from his underground shelter. Just as he closed the door of his shelter, he saw lots of mini twisters inside the big twister. These mini twisters can rip through a building and slice it to shreds. Others travel as fast as express trains. If their houses are destroyed, they just rebuild.

Twisters are also known as tornados. It is famous for its deadly twisters. Up to occur there every year between April and July. They kill more than 80 people. An F0 damages chimneys.

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An F1 snaps telephone poles. An F2 rips off roofs. An F3 turns over trains. An F4 destroys even strong homes. An F5 leaves few things standing. In , an F5 ripped through Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. It killed 45 people. The worst twister In , one twister in Tornado Alley destroyed four towns in less than four hours.

It killed people. Most of them have an underground shelter outside their home. Some people in Texas have a fibreglass shelter buried in their back garden. People without a shelter hide in a cellar or small room in the middle of their house. Scientists tell Gary what the weather will be like.

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Gary can then tell viewers. The scientists use a computer to help them forecast twisters. The computer makes a picture that shows where a twister is and how fast it is travelling. Some send information about the weather to scientists on Earth. Created with the help of top literacy consultants, Hello Hedgehog is the perfect book to help build general knowledge at the same time as learning to read. As this unique animal is such a favourite for kids, this book will encourage reading for pleasure, which is linked with improved reading and writing skills.

Hello Hedgehog is a new Level 2 title in the engaging four-level DK Readers series, aimed at children who are beginning to read. Developing a lifelong love of reading, DK Readers cover a vast range of fascinating subjects to support children as they become confident readers. Our Lists. About the book. View all online retailers Find local retailers. Children will discover more about hedgehogs and how to protect them as they learn to read Say hello to a hedgehog with this non-fiction wildlife book for kids.

Also by DK. Related titles. Knowledge Encyclopedia: Animals! Mister Seahorse. Now I'm Reading!

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