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In —when fewer than 10 percent of licensed drivers were women—Madam Walker owned three automobiles: a Ford Model T, a Waverly Electric and a luxury, seven-passenger Cole Touring Car. For afternoon trips to the movies, she preferred her Waverly.

What’s the Secret to Financial Success? Tips to Grow Wealth

For an overseas sales trip to Cuba, Haiti, Jamaica, Panama and Costa Rica that year, she shipped the Cole and brought along her chauffeur. Today we take for granted the hundreds of hair care products available in our favorite stores. But when Walker founded her company more than a century ago, cosmetics manufacturing was in its infancy. Along with her contemporaries like Helena Rubinstein and Elizabeth Arden , she was a pioneer of what is now a multi-billion dollar international beauty and personal care products industry.

Madam Walker displayed her own image on her products to appeal to her core market of African American women. Putting it properly before the public is another.

10 Secrets to Achieve Financial Success

Madam Walker understood the power of advertising. At a time when the prevailing standard of beauty was European hair texture and facial features, she boldly displayed her own image on her products to appeal to her core market of African-American women. Long before radio, television, the Internet and social media, her products were well-known and widely distributed throughout the United States and the Caribbean.

Madam Walker striking a dignified pose circa During the early s, when most black women were excluded from jobs other than as household domestics or farm workers, Madam Walker provided a path to financial independence and less drudgery.

From the Wisdom-Legacy of Paramahansa Yogananda

At her annual conventions, her sales agents talked about earning money to educate their children, purchase real estate and contribute to charitable causes. With the exception of Freeman B.


During the next several years she assisted young musicians and artists and also provided scholarships for students at several schools including Booker T. During World War I, she and her daughter led a fundraising campaign to purchase an ambulance for black soldiers. Mother and daughter shared a love of music and theater and both were patrons of the arts. Walker agents and employees gather at Villa Lewaro in August You have to get up and make them for yourself!

She officially opened the home in August with a conference of civil rights leaders and entertainment by the top black musicians of the day. After her death in , her daughter continued the tradition of important gatherings, hosting the president of Liberia for a grand, fireworks filled Fourth of July weekend in During the s the Madam Walker Theatre Center was at the heart of a thriving black business and entertainment community. Today it anchors the Indiana Avenue Cultural District.

What now is known as the Madam Walker Theatre Center opened in December with an African Art Deco theater, beauty school, hair salon, restaurant, ballroom, drugstore and manufacturing facility.

Today it is a National Historic Landmark and an arts education and performance venue. Walker —shares the story of her famous female relatives through her Madam Walker Family Archives. From hair care products to the ironing board, the creations from these African-Americans still impact your everyday life.

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Today see a rare photo of Harriet Tubman in her prime and learn how Queen Victoria honored the courageous freedom fighter with a royal gift. Curators from the National Museum of African American History and Culture share artifacts and stories from the life of writer and civil rights activist James Baldwin.

Biblical Wealth and Prosperity- A Touchy Subject

Today we celebrate educator and influential leader Booker T. Washington and artifacts of his life's work that represented black independence and empowerment. February is Black History month, which means that every year we remember the African-Americans who have made history—and made America what it is today.

Here are facts you may not know. Choose one person at a time to speak directly to, with a feeling of sincerity. Imagine that you are really connecting with this person. That you are having a deep, intimate moment together as you speak. Watch that person's eyes to sense ways that you may need to adapt your presentation while speaking to him or to her, to make a better connection.

Go through the room in this way, connecting with one individual at a time in this special manner. After spending about 10 seconds focusing on one person, adjust your focus to gaze upon the whole group. Relate for a while with the group as a whole as one person. A few moments or a few minutes later you will get a comfortable feel for your own rhythm with practice , focus on one person again. Continue this pattern of rhythmic alternation of focusing your attention on one member of the audience, then upon the audience as a whole, then back to one again, through your entire motivational speaker presentation.

The entire time, maintain the feeling within yourself that you are at one with this audience, that you are close, that you are best friends.

Deepak Chopra

Here is another, related motivational speaker success secret. Be open to receiving and sharing new, inspiring ideas coming to you on the spot. This helps you to feel freshly inspired, which invigorates the audience through your triangle-connection. After one of my motivational speaking events , I almost always write down some new, inspiring insights I received while presenting.

I do this so that I can remember to apply the insight for my own success, not just to incorporate into a future presentation. That is why I sincerely share with my audience that I am my best student. I only share motivational wisdom that I apply in my own life, self-help guidance that works for me. This is another success secret of the great motivational speakers , because it brings the ring of conviction and sincerity into the message they share, which helps the audience to believe in it and to value that message. A really successful motivational speaker is for REAL. Are you a motivational speaker seeking success secrets?

Are you a meeting planner looking for a great team building seminar or inspirational keynote? Welcome Meeting Planners X. Thank you for contacting us.